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Practicing the principle of Participation, burns are staffed entirely by volunteers. Volunteering gets us out there, interacting with our other Myschievians. Its how we give back to our community and make this great event happen. Think about the things you enjoy doing; there is somewhere we need a volunteer like you! Even if you’re just a little shy and need a great way to meet and interact with your fellow Myschievians; whatever the strength, there is a perfect place for every person to volunteer.


1. If you are not a lead, you cannot EDIT this document. 
2. If you are not a lead, YOU CANNOT EDIT THIS DOCUMENT
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So as a volunteer who isn't a lead, how can you sign up for a shift?

1. Right Click on the shift you want
3. Inside the comment please type the handle name you used from the volunteer sign up form
Doing this reserves the shift you want so a lead can come back and approve it. Please keep an eye on these comments because a lead may need to contact you for further information or communication (especially for safety shifts such as RANGERS, MEATS, FIRE, SANCTUARY) 

Please fill out the volunteer contact form and then sign up for a shift!


Volunteer Descriptions

 Participation is one of the ideals we embrace, so enjoy Myschievia by being a part of it. Read the descriptions below to learn about various ways to volunteer your time and talent. These are not comprehensive by any means, and we encourage you to ask questions to any of the Leads by sending a message to the email listed at the end of each volunteer area.

 *= indicates training is required.

For general volunteer or training questions, contact our Volunteer Coordinator. And don't forget to tell her how big of a bad ass she is! Jennifer.Severs@gmail.com


City Planning

City Planning works with safety teams (Rangers, Fire, MEATS) as well as Land-Ops Site-Ops, and Art leads to ensure the best placement of event infrastructure, art projects, roads, and all theme camps at Myschievia. Using maps which are created by the City Planning lead, Zone Greeters provide directions to participants, assist theme camp members in locating their home at the burn, and help ensure that emergency routes (such as the fire lane) remain clear while folks are setting up their camps.  Help us welcome everyone to Myschievia, and ensure our temporary city manifests excellently! 

Theme Camp Coordinator- Kelly: ntxb-theme-camp-lead@googlegroups.com

City Mapping Lead- Legolas: ntxb-city-mapping-lead@googlegroups.com 

Register your theme camp here. 

Land Ops

This team preps the land prior to the event, during the Work Weekends. They are responsible for clearing camping areas, marking roads, filling holes, and doing whatever it takes to get the land ready for Myschievia. Experience with power tools, particularly chainsaws, is a plus. 

Land Lead- Zach W: ntxb-landops-lead@googlegroups.com 

Work weekends are upon us! Spend the weekends before Myschievia going out to the land, camping over the weekend, and prepare it for our fellow cultists! Join the Land Team Facebook group for more information!

Work Weekend #1: Aug 25-Aug 27

Work Weekend #2: Sept 1-Sept 3

Work Weekend #3: Sept 8-Sept 10

Final Work Weekend: Sept 29-Oct 1

Site Ops

These folks are our “stage crew” of the burn production during the event. They work with power tools and equipment, set up and disassemble structures, cut and haul wood for barrels, assist with city planning and placement. 

Site Ops Lead- Jeaves: ntxb-infrastructure-lead@googlegroups.com

Earth Guardian

Volunteer as an Earth Guardian to help ensure that we Leave No Trace (LNT). EGs educate participants during the event, work with LLC and Landowners to develop a Site Sign-Off plan, coordinate any on-site recycling processes, and help haul away MOOP (matter out of place) gathered from public areas. 

Earth Guardian Lead- Meganphone: ntxb-earth-lead@googlegroups.com

Upcoming Training:

Whenever you have free time, take a plastic grocery sack and pick up trash in your neighborhood. Great job! You're now an Earth Guardian. Come do the same shit at Myscheivia! 


Quartermasters actually do no work during the event at all. They tend to be busiest just before and after Myschievia. The Quartermaster is in charge of the NTXB inventory. This team is responsible for loading the equipment in the truck, transporting it from storage in Dallas to the event in Hughes Springs, and unloading the equipment on-site. After the event, the Quartermasters perform the same tasks in reverse.

QM Lead- Jeaves: ntxb-quartermaster-lead@googlegroups.com




On Burn Night, a parade of peeps signals we are ready for the fire. You can be one of those peeps! From spinners and dancers to drummers and stilt-walkers, you can herald the flames by being part of the action. 

Procession Lead- Scratch: ntxb-procession-lead@googlegroups.com


Do you have to be an artist to volunteer for Art? Heck no - anyone can help! Can you be an artist and volunteer for Art? Of course you can - we need some artist types, too! Our main job is to inspire and support art at Myschievia… we don’t make the art, but we do Make More Art Happen!

Volunteer opportunities for non-artists can include being on the Art Selection Committee, supporting the people who make the art as an Art Liaison, or helping out with myschievART’s special events (always super cool!) both at Myschievia and year ‘round.

If you are more of the creative type, we need graphic designers and copywriters for support materials like the Art Map and the Art Guidebook, fine artists and performance artists for special projects at the event, and being on the Art Selection Committee, too!

We will post shift-based volunteer positions on the NTXB website if the need arises or just reach out to us. We LOVE to hear from you and we are super nice!  :)  

Art Lead- Critter: ntxb-art-lead@googlegroups.com


META stands for Myschievia Effigy Team and Assistants. This team works with power tools and lumber to build the effigy in pieces off-site, then they bring it to the land and assemble it. Experience with carpentry a plus. 

META Lead- Sparrow: ntxb-meta-lead@googlegroups.com

Department of Mutant Vehicles

DMV Lead- Foobar: ntxb-dmv-lead@googlegroups.com


 Pyro Lead- Marshall: ntxb-pyro-lead@googlegroups.com

Sound Marshall

These volunteers are in charge of the volume! Seriously, they regulate sound levels and educate attendees about the policies regarding amplified sound systems. 

Sound Lead- Fropsy: ntxb-sound-lead@googlegroups.com

Fire Art & Safety

FAST Lead- Temper: ntxb-fast-lead@googlegroups.com




Web Lead- Ada Lovecraft: ntxb-web-lead@googlegroups.com


Firecracker Lead- Badass: ntxb-firecracker-lead@googlegroups.com

Social Media

Social Media Lead- Joe Laurel: ntxb-social-media-lead@googlegroups.com

Survival Guide

Survival Lead- Alexandria LaRue: ntxb-survival-guide-lead@googlegroups.com




These happy-peppy people welcome everyone to the event with love and energy. They also ensure event attendees have read the Survival Guide, and are prepared for the fun in order to enjoy themselves safely. Additionally, Greeters review Theme Camp placement, Camping Zones and unloading/parking procedures. This volunteer role is one of the easiest ways to get involved and meet people and is perfect for those attending their first burn. 

Greeters Lead- Baby: ntxb-greeters-lead@googlegroups.com


Think valet but without the running. Volunteers work alongside with Greeters and assist in safely ensuring participants’ vehicles are parked in the correct places. This is one of the easiest jobs on the Piney Playa. Parking volunteers will be in great demand on busy days like Friday and Saturday. 

Parking Lead- Sweet T: ntxb-parking-lead@googlegroups.com 


Be Cool. Ice volunteers help distribute ice to all the grateful Myschievians, by collecting money and handling bags of ice as participants purchase them.

Ice Lead- Gregory: ntxb-ice-lead@googlegroups.com


Have an event you want to register for Myschievia? Contact our events lead!

Events Lead- Iris: ntxb-events-lead@googlegroups.com 



These helpful souls are the eyes and ears of Myschievia; they can help with conflict mediation, directions, and other important issues. Rangers spend time in camps, chill in the shade, warm by a fire, and TALK with participants. Rangers know the land, because they walk it. Rangers – mostly behind the scenes of it all – help the event run smoothly. Rangers wear green shirts, carry radios and during the burn act as security, surrounding the burning effigy until fire personnel deems the situation to be safe. Volunteers with useful skills such as crisis intervention, CERT training, fire safety and first aid/CPR training make great Rangers. It is preferred that a Ranger has attended at least one burn.  All Rangers MUST attend at least one training a year. If you have already attended a training for Freezerburn, Flipside (including Safetyside), Unbroken Spring, or Oblivium, you're good. For any other burn, just let us know which and we'll probably accept it. 

Join the Facebook group for more information!

Ranger Lead- Geo: ntxb-rangers-lead@googlegroups.com

Upcoming Training Dates: 

      • August 5, Austin
      • September 16, Houston
      • September 24, Dallas
      • On site: Friday October 6.


Myschievia Emergency Assistance Team (MEAT) members are licensed, certified and/or trained medical volunteers. Any EMT, EMS, paramedic, medical assistant, nurse, LVN, patient care tech, respiratory tech, physical therapist, trainer, and wilderness first responder, massage therapist should consider volunteering for this role.

MEAT volunteers provide first aid/first response. Their primary role is to provide non-invasive first aid, though they can respond in a life-threatening emergency while Rangers call 911 and facilitate transfer to a higher level of care. MEAT Volunteers need to have a current CPR card. CPR training will be offered prior to the event for those interested in volunteering for MEAT.

Another volunteer role in this area is the MEAT Tender: a volunteer who serves as an assistant to the MEAT on shift; greets and logs in participants coming to the medical area; and helps with supplies. These volunteers do not require CPR training. First aid training is nice, but not required.

Rehab: this is a 4-5 hour shift that assists only the Fire Team on burn nights as they come off the fire. We will need 2 participants to help with rehab, and document, and offer clearance to return from the fire or go back into the fire zone. We would also need a Meat Tender at this time to offer drinks and snacks to the participants. These helpers will also secure an area with chairs and the Lead have a cooler for drinks.  

Join the Facebook group for more information!

MEATS Lead- Birthday: ntxb-meat-lead@googlegroups.com

Upcoming Training Dates:


Sometimes we just need a safe place. These volunteers offer just that. They also provide emotional and mental assistance, along with psychosocial support and counseling for attendees in a non-medical related incident or emergency.

Sanctuary is a safe, comfortable and private space for participants who need a caring listener or low stimulus environment. When a participant has been medically cleared after a visit to MEAT, or in the event a Ranger feels a participant could benefit from support or safe space, the person will be referred to Sanctuary.

Some Sanctuary volunteers are experienced mental health professionals (psychologists, counselors, social workers); but many are simply volunteers who care and listen well.

It is preferred that Sanctuary volunteers have attended at least one burn, but it is not a necessity.

Sanctuary Lead- Folly: ntxb-sanctuary-lead@googlegroups.com 

Upcoming Training Dates:

      • August 12, Dallas
      • August 13, Ft Worth
      • On Site: Friday, October 6, noon


Fire Safety volunteers have been trained in Fire Safety and Interaction procedures. This is the team that STOPS the fires, and on burn night, are some of the most important and necessary volunteers.

Although previous firefighting experience is not necessary, volunteers should understand the principles of “burning” as it relates to setting afire the effigy, and must be willing to stay focused and attentive during this portion of the event. 

Fire Lead- Charlie: ntxb-fire-lead@googlegroups.com


These guys and gals keep out the riffraff. Gate Keepers handle ticket confirmation, waiver signing and the more logistical part of arrivals. They also distribute event wristbands and serve as Media/press check-in. Gate volunteers should expect to be focused, alert and attentive to detail. 

Gate Lead- KareBear: ntxb-gate-lead@googlegroups.com

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