Myschievia 2016 Theme Camps

Theme Camp Name Theme Camp description Theme Camp Slogan
Badlands Coffee Serving up the strongest coffee at Mys by day, BDSM scenes all night. Coffee and Kink... steam all day, scream all night!
Acoustic Tea We play acoustic guitar... and make tea. There may be some calisthenics. Guitar. Tea. That is all.
Zingaro A underrepresented camp where people know our presence but do not visit. Please stay alive.
Camp Handbasket From deep in the woods, a glow. Smoke. Music. Heinous ribaldry. A hunting lodge that was not there before, and will not be there long. Hunters within, with ghastly trophies. A place to lay your weary head, or someone else's. A place to find a hunt. A place to join the hunt. And possibly even a place to be hunted. The Handbasket returns. EGREDERE - HORRENDAS POPULUS SUMUS
Cosmic Rampage Cosmic Rampage aims to provide a relaxed shady chilling space to conduct body painting and and other art activities. In addition we will have three art structures this year: the cosmic kaleidoscope, the alter of discordia, and an over sized hammock and climbing structure to play on., Forever exploring into the unknowns of the galaxy!
Fairytale Artifacts Fairy Tales are real for a certain reality, so we go to that reality, find interesting artifacts, bring them back, and tell the tale., Fairy Tales are real for a certain reality!,
Hash House Harriers We are The Hash House Harriers, the Drinking Club with a Running Problem. We organize Hash runs where a Hare creates a trail of flour and the Hounds follow the trail in pursuit of glorious beer and various other libations.,,Friday night we will have our clothing optional walkabout pub crawl and Saturday will be the infamous Red Dress Run. Drinking Club with a Running Problem
Gypsy Steam Circus We are an entertainment/circus themed camp. We run a bar and other attractions throughout the event. , Work hard, Play harder
Good Vibe Tribe Provide a chill spot and some shade for peeps to share ideas, conversation and good vibes. We will be providing body paint, and a shaded cuddle puddle pool with squishy stuff pillows and animals. Also, potentially a scavenger hunt to be available Friday or Saturday for anyone who wants to join, however we are still putting this idea together. ,,( I wasn't sure where else to put this note, I am currently abroad in Europe and have been unable to make a camp theme logo from my iPad. I might have one to submit later, I'm waiting on another member of our camp to do it, but I'd like to get this form submitted before then. I guess it's the transparent background that's been giving me issues as I'm not sure how to do this. ) Resonate and Reverberate
Crazy Ass Mashed Potaters A mashup of friendly faces formerly from camps the disassociates, glue shit together,the guild, and gypsy steam circus join forces to boil you up until soft, mash your lumps out, and whip you up all smooth like with our unique flavor of art, music, and foods. STOP HATIN, START TATIN'
Meat's and Baked Potatoes A service camp for the first responders and MEATs. We provide a quit place for meetings, beverages maybe a meal on burn night. don't eat the mushrooms
Space Apes An experimental shuttle with a primate crew, launched into deep space, for science! Abducted by aliens from beyond this dimension and transformed into hyper-intelligent beings on a collision course with the fate of the universe. Per Aspera ad Astrum
¡BANG! Come bang our 20 foot tall tower of 100 drums, dance, hoop, and poi. ,,Daily & Nightly drum jam ,,Nightly music jam and karaoke,, Bangarang!
Lick N Suck For all your plug and play rich boys and girls needs Lick Me
Camp Fuck Yeah I'm a Wizard We're wizards, what else do we need? But seriously, we will be providing hot tea and on demand poetry to the playa masses :) plus a little magic if needed. We're motherfucking wizards.
Ain't It Radical Campaign (A.I.R. CAMP) artificial air, light, and sound installation art theme camp Blow All The Things
Pigmentation Station Stick n poke tattoos! All the prison tat, none of the hepatitis.
The Asylum A general place for all of us crazy people who love to do for others and help each other as well! We are peaceful, loving, and generally in a cheerful mood. We are going to be serving at least one hot meal every day until we run out of supplies! We want to be a haven for the tired, moody, kinda crazy, and creative! A sanctuary within the crazy because we're all a little crazy!
Lavaridge Spa The ultimate luxury getaway for the serious hunter. Take a cool shower with refreshing scented soaps sure to alert your prey to your presence. Or stop and get a massage, relaxing so much the hunter can become the hunted. Perhaps get your nails painted in neon, non-camouflage colors. All of our services are certain to relax, pamper, and sabotage the serious hunter. Because peppermint soap is the bomb.
Church of Different Strokes Art... lounge area... All Hail Phat Phat. A.k.a Art illuminati. A.k.a Frog Killa A.k.a Get Money A.k.a Room Destroya A.k.a Pollo Homicide A.k.a Dragon Pig A.k.a Arugula
Camp Juicy Peach Offering refreshment for those participating in The Hunt. Or maybe just re-hydrating after a binge. Mmm. Juicy!
Fuck You Telecom Fuck You Telecom brings: The Call of the Wild!! Our all new old wireless phone network will extend from tree to shining tree, from badlands to awesomelands, from the crossroads to the middle of fuck nowhere! As always our service will be mediocre, and we'll fuck your ears mercilessly with our Badvertising campaign! Many pizza will be ordered, none will make it on time. We're also accepting HotLine Operators this year. Want to be a Sloppy Sex Hotline Operator? We can do that! Psychic Hotline? Sure! Your imagination is the limit! Go ahead and rack up those minutes, we'll get you the bill before monday. Nonpayers will meet our collections agent Vinny, and he will not be pleased. ,,Coordinate the Hunt with us! As if you have a choice. Fuck You Telecom, the only honest telecom company.
Lumination We are a theme camp that shares our love of LEDS, UV Glow body paint & refraction in art form! Pretty lights and laid-back vibes
The Guild™ The Guild is a cadre of pranksters, sexy beasts, and the best damn DJ's at Myschievia. From epic performance art to dance floor beats that offer existential life review, we do it all. ,,Myschievia 2016, The Guild brings to you a relaxing lounge space where “anything can happen from changing scenery, to various workshops, to chill & cuddle zones near the sexiest dance floor at the event. We Know Something About Music & A Good Time
Glue Shit Together Your local adhesive enthusiasts.,We bring the glue and shit. You help us put them together. Just Glue It.
Mysfit Camp A death-style Tiki camp offering some games, some chill space and a couple luaus. Not Yet!
Ragnarok I'm going to hide a few tents and perhaps a bus deep in the woods.,i don't require your help.,,this is to inform you as a courtesy. Don't stray from the path
Hair of the Dog Morning bar with Bloodymarys and Screwdrivers. We are there to help you after a long night of wild hunting or to help continue the partying. We should have hair of the dog that bit you or one closely related and a supply of otc painkillers like aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen and some vit c. Come by, sit down and tell us of your adventures. Easy to spot with dog or wolf blankets covering most exposed surfaces. We have hair from the dog that bit you last night to help with your recovery.
Hyperbole A fun loving group of misfits from Dallas and Austin who love to make fun of you using various forms of hyperbole when you walk by! The BEST camp ever!
Snack Attack We will be providing hot grilled cheese sandwiches to the hunters per our whim, or by mass request. There will be tons of candy, snacks, cookies etc. for all! Kill or eat grilled!
Eat My Meat We make meat. You eat that meat. Mmmmmmmmm.
Munchie the Hutt Drop by and have a taste of the unusual. Sweet, sour, spicy and remarkable. Snacks of the strange. Discover new tastes. Remember your childhood. Share with your friends. I can haz munchies?
Zebra Safari Rolling hot showers Rolling Hot Showers
Jungle Medicine Shaman Rockstars take you on a sacred journey in Jungle Medicine. A field of burning flowers will transform your part-of-the-problem soul through the power of fire. Our collective badassery will align your chakras via uncomfortable eye-gazing and inappropriate hugs that will make you wanna shower after. You must be lost, you're camp is over there.
Chupacabra Policia We are the fucking cops. Drink Whiskey,Smoke Meth,Fuck Bitches,Hail Satan
Myschievia Science Theater Beer, popcorn, and weird movies in a (hopefully) dry cuddle space? What could go wrong? Come find out in the return of Myschievia's namesake movie theater! Will we play Rocky Horror? Probably. Will we wake up and put on cartoons every day? Probably. Will our generator make it through the entire burn? It hasn't lately, but you never know!, The show must go on. Or, bring your own towel. This is a leave no trace theater.
The Guild X X
High Noon It's always High Noon. Welcome to the bar that never shuts down. We pride ourselves on serving cold drinks and chill beats 24/7. What time is it???
Rednecstasy Ducks & Trucks and 8 Point Bucks, that's what our little Redneck Camp is made of! Climb on up into our cammo cuddle puddle and hunt for honeys from 18' above the Piney Playa. Swing by and sample some squirrel on a stick or get fitted for a custom beer box tube dress. Possibly inbred, fully flannel, we are tasteless and toothless. Let's go Cow Trippin'!! Squeal Like a Piggy!
Deez Nutz Burners can not live off Cheetos alone....or at least they don't have to! Our camp provides healthy food like nuts, trail mix, fruits and veggies. Put our nuts in your mouth!
Floating in Colors My camp will be a coloring camp, we have tons of crayons and coloring pages. Fuck stress, color on!
Dive Camp A group of friends, originally gathered by an interest in SCUBA diving, but now united by the BURN. Slow Down! Sit a spell. Have a beverage. Bacon.
Shakin' Bacon We love bacon and we love you! We want to spread the wonderful smell and taste of bacon to anyone and everyone around. With breakfast tacos in the morning and great bacon treats throughout the day we plan to feed as many people as possible with the great love of our lord and savior the great bacon. We hunted it and cooked it all you need to do is find us and eat it! Come and Take it! Shake n Bake!
International Bank 808 Beats and Booze, all night long, and Massage by Twinks Rub N Tug during the day. Compound bass for a Myschievious place, now with massage!
International Bank 808 *UPDATE* *see initial registration* *see initial registration*
Troll Camp Troll camp embraces the art of trolling and is a group of fire artist. Troll Life
The Spot A house music lounge outside of the effigy circle, including a small sound system and a pallet bar for quenching alcoholic and non-alcoholic thirst. House Music Off the Beaten Path!
French Camp We are French, and you are not. Fuck You
Imaginary Camp Live performances and more. Get Real
Dr. Sam's Medicine Show We provide a chill space for healing your issues and tissues. When you're tired of hunting, come to our tent to get a cure for what ails you. Come play doctor with us.
Tha' Plant Shed A great place to hide for the hunt.....but not. Just swallow.
The Blind Tiger In the heart of the deep piney playa, a curious structure rises sharply from the ground. From the exterior it resembles a rustic workshop that composes parts of a larger puzzle. Vintage furniture, flickering chandeliers, and a welcoming porch beckon you to the entrance. From the dimly-lit interior, faint strains of jazz and tinkling laughter emanate into the night. Welcome, dear traveller, to the Blind Tiger.,,The Blind Tiger is a novel speakeasy conceived around the idea of participation and play. To gain access, you must solve the exterior puzzles and discover the password that allows entry., Password?
Camp Arrow Come on down to the candy shop where the wonky casino games might just have you robbed of your dignity. Arrow party friday sunset is where the the magic starts but dont let that stop you from popping back in Saturday for our flavor trippin' party. Find yourself a horny mess? Come checkout our Alien Porn, unless of course youre asexual, then our true mirror will be more up your ally. Whatever you do though dont missout on Sunday lunch goat tacos, sure to be one of the freshest meals you have this burn. Materialize at our bar and enjoy a Getto Mamosa or a Chancellor. FUCK ALIENS ,WORSHIP PYRAMIDS
Hyperbole ***updated submission, please disregard origional*** Social camp, we may have an art piece called the Hyper Bowl. We also engage passerby's in various forms of hyperbole from time to time. Various members of our camp volunteer as well so Hyperbole is our living room/social hang out. The best camp ever!
Aquanaughties Dive deep into our cuddlefish tank and indulge yourself in aquanaughty bliss. Our creatures of the deep will bring out the bioluminescence of your essence with our glowing octopussy ink and delectable drinks. Sea the temptations of a tentacular, spectacular, sparkling underwater palace.
Smokebreak We'll be providing a relaxing area with comfortable, covered seating for passersby to chill out and have a cigarette. We'll have a shitload of cigarettes and ashtrays for passersby to consume and dispose of properly. At a previous burn we thought a camp to just relax and chill for a cig break would be a great idea, so we're making that exist. Smoke break?
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