June 1st , 2017 - Art Grant Applications Open! Fill out your application here!

August 5th, 2017 - Art Grant Applications Close.

August 20th, 2017 - Estimated Project Grant Notification Date.


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Hillary Anne, Myschievia Art Lead.


What Is MyschieviART?

The myschieviART program - a growth oriented, sustainable model for building a community of artists and art at Myschievia.

We are a community of artists who support, collaborate, and share our art. We are here to connect with one another in many different ways, through the unlimited world of art. We inspire, create, and become the art through this expression of creativity. As a community of artists, we come together and create memorable experiences that inspire all those that participate.

It all starts with you.

Inspire. Create. Be. ART.

exchangeART on Facebook. 

exchangeART is a Facebook page and group devoted to the exchange of things that make art go such as: ideas, materials, work spaces, and labor. It is a non-commercial page that fosters communication between artists, project teams, idea generators, craftsman, crafters, technical artists, and supporters of making art happen, to make art happen.

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ART Grant FAQs

How can I be considered for a grant?

To be considered for a grant, an art project must:

  • Be accessible, physically and operationally, as in readily approachable and present during the event. The project must be operational Friday and Saturday at a minimum.

  • It must have an aesthetic quality, or artistic intention. It must also have a responsible party (project lead), who represents this project to NTXB and to the community. To avoid conflict-of-interest concerns, the responsible party (project lead) may not be a Myschievia Lead, a Batcave member or an NTXB LLC member.

  • It must follow safety guidelines, have a plan that addresses safety concerns, and must comply with the survival guide and any NTXB instructions at the event.

  • Art cars must register with the Department of Mutant Vehicles.

  • Art that uses flame effects must register with the Fire Art Safety Team.

How are grants paid?

Payment of art grants will be made by check in two equal installments. The first half at the time the award is accepted, and second after the conclusion of the project, a completed Leave No Trace for the project, and acceptance by NTXB of suitable receipts showing eligible project expenses. Each project must have a self-funded component and must operate independently of NTXB.

How much funding can my project get?

NTXB does not intend to award more than $599 to any project, but no completely developed proposal is too big or too small to be considered.

NTXB cannot award funds toward transportation costs for any art-project originating within the State of Texas due to complex tax and legal concerns.

What are qualified expenses? What are not qualified expenses?

Qualified expenses include:

  • Raw materials needed for the construction of your project.

  • Consumable materials that will be depleted in the construction or operation of the project.

  • Rental of equipment.

  • Transportation expenses can be awarded to existing out-of-state projects only.

Unqualified expenses include:

  • Capital expenditures for equipment that will be used for projects outside the scope of this Art Grant. For example, NTXB would not fund a new projector or a generator, but we can help you rent one.

  • Payment for any project participants time

  • Anything that, in the opinion of the Art Grant Committee and/or NTXB, LLC, presents an unreasonable safety hazard to participants.

When will I know if I am chosen for an Art Grant?

After submitting a completed Art Grant Application, project submissions will be judged one week or so after grants close. On average, it takes one more week to finalize paperwork and contact all artists.

When can I expect to receive the money?

All Art Grants are targeted to be disbursed no later than August 30, 2017. The responsible party will need to execute a written contract with NTXB on behalf of the project to receive an Art grant reward.


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