About NTXB

NTXB stands for North Texas Burners. We're a community of artists and eccentrics representing Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, and surrounding locations. The majority of our members have attended or been inspired by Burning Man, and frequently attend the Austin, TX regional burn, Burning Flipside. As Flipside got bigger and bigger, we decided that Texas was big enough to throw our own event closer to home. So we formed an LLC, found a willing host, and launched Myschievia 1, "Trial by Fire" in 2005. And y'all must have liked it, because we haven't stopped since!

So what exactly *is* Myschievia? It is a temporary community that exists as a forum for participant-driven creativity and artistic self-expression. There are no spectators, no commerce is permitted, and the event is organized entirely by volunteers. This is the only venue for tickets; none sold at the gate. It is a "Leave No Trace" event. Myschievia provides participants the opportunity to create and contribute, experience and evolve, share and accept, work and play. Respect, community, inclusivity, and cooperation are driving principles of the event. These are based on Burning Man's Ten Principles.

The NTXB community is not just about Myschievia. We are also a social group that will come together for bike rides, parades, fundraisers, parties, art projects, and community education. We are open to people of all walks of life who are willing to offer respect and have an understanding of self-expression outside of the norm. If you bring an open mind, we'll bring the weird. Check out our Contact Us page to find out how to stay in touch.

 Previous Event Themes

  • 2016: "The Wild Hunt"
  • 2015: "For Science!"
  • 2014: "All Out War"
  • 2013: "Choose Yer Own Mysadventure"
  • 2012: "Here be Dragons"
  • 2011: "Tree of Life"
  • 2010: "Arc of Dreams"
  • 2009: "Pyrosynthesis"
  • 2008: "Burning Bridges"
  • 2007: "Unrulyman"
  • 2006: "Burn the Coliseum"
  • 2005: "Trial by Fire"

2017 Batcave Members

  • Jessica B. "Shiny" (Facilitator) 
  • Courtney P. "DogMa" (Parliamentarian) 
  • Daniel P. "Mapcat" (City Camps)
  • Dawn D. (Art Camps)
  • Heather W. "Heckles" (Art Camps)
  • Crystal E. "Goat Mother" (Media Camps)
  • Kat L. "Viv" (Media Camps)
  • Taylor B. "Mobius" (Participants Camps)
  • Tom "Major Tom" (Participants Camps)
  • Alex H. "Context" (Safety Camps)
  • Jonathan K. "Scoutacus" (Safety Camps)

Contact us at ntxb-batcave@googlegroups.com or for more information visit the Batcave Portal! To stay up to date on NTXB events check out our calendar

2017 LLC Members

  • Mlle. Sugar Bone, Viscountess of Florence
  • Vern "Soccer Mom"
  • Marlon B. "Oblivious"
  • Chad B. "#thankschad"
  • Noel T. "TBA"

Contact us at llc-2016@ntxb.org 

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